Strategies & Directions

Increase Monthly Production Output from 80MT to 150MT by raising additional RM10 Millions working capital in order to cater high demands, hence able to reduce cost of production when enlarge production volume.

Widen distribution network into private sector and public utilities sector (i.e. Oil and Gas, Government Hospital & Schools).

Cash & Carry:
This concept aims to capture cash buyers who intend to enjoy better discount through Sam’s outlets.

Internal Monitoring System:
Implementation real-time information via new Autocount Accounting Software to enhance operational efficiency and exercise better control over accounting, finance, inventory, Point of Sales, receivable and payable.


  • Extensive customer base and extensive distribution networks in East Coast Malaysia.
  • First Manufacturing Plant in East coast which can enjoy 5+5 years tax incentive which create value added for customers.
  • Diversified customer base and industries will further help for risk management.
  • “One Stop Centre” for Aluminium Extrusion Profile, Gypsum Product Family, Aluminium Accessories and Glass in East Coast.
  • Suppliers’ preferred East Coast Exclusive Distributor (i.e. Boral)

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