Branches & Outlets

Corporate Structure

Sam‘s Metal Trading (Kuantan) Sdn Bhd (361363-W)
Principle Business: Trading, Shared Service Centre (Finance, Accounting, HR, Legal, Logistic)
Incorporated: 28th September 1995

Sam’s Metal Trading (Kota Bahru) Sdn Bhd (518126-H)
Principle Busines: Trading
Incorporated: 26th June 2000

Sam’s Metal Trading (Kuala Terengganu) Sdn Bhd (547552-K)
Principle Busines: Trading
Incorporated: 14th May 2000

Sam’s Accessories (M) Sdn Bhd (731527-M)
Principle Business: First Aluminium Accessories and Glass “Hypermarket” in East Coast
Incorporated: 26-04-2006

Sam’s Aluminium Extrusion Sdn Bhd (378643-M)
First East Coast Manufacturing Plant started 2010 which has maximum monthly capacity of 250Mtones.
Achieved ISO 9001:2008 in June 2011.
Incorporated: 4th March 1996
Commenced: 3rd August 2010

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